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CNN Sept. 11, 2001 8:48 am - 9:29 am

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CNN Sept. 11, 2001 8:48 am - 9:29 am

by CNN

Published September 11, 2001

News from CNN was recorded by the Television Archive, a non-profit archive. Video available as a loan (stream) only.

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Date: 2001-09-11 12:48:09 UTC
Air Time: 2001-09-11 08:48:09 EDT
Length: 0:41:41

Producer CNN
Production Company CNN
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: yaskoangel - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 12, 2015
Subject: copyriths
Hello, i would know how can i get the copyrights for a student shortfilm?
Many Thanks
Reviewer: Peaches7888 - - November 13, 2013
Subject: Why?
Why did they interview the vice president of CNN first? In the other breaking news/special report vids some people said there were people on fire in the streets. Interviews from people who were in the lobby of one of the towers when it was hit; they said they heard the first explosion up above them, then a second in the basement.
After that people came running out of the elevators on fire through the lobby. In certain spots around the towers, cars were on fire and melted to the pavement. Firefighters said when they were at the bottom of the towers and the towers were coming down, it looked as if each floor one by one was blown out by an explosion.
After the towers fell rescuers, clean up crews, and firefighters said it was impossible to get started on looking for bodies and survivors because it was just too hot; pools of molten steel were at the bottom of the collapsed towers. Rescuers, clean up crews, and firefighters also witnessed flowing streams of molten steel at ground zero.
After they were able to finally start cleaning up ground zero, none of the wreckage was ever looked through or investigated. Instead, it was taken to a smelter, melted down, and turned into a Navy hospital ship called the USS New York. Very little of the wreckage from the towers still exists in its original form.
The 9/11 commission says all three buildings that fell on that day fell from structural failure caused by fire, when in fact no steel building has ever completely collapsed from a fire. Towers one and two were built to withstand a plane crash.
Jet fuel can only burn at up to 600°F and burns up instantly when coming in contact with fire. Office fires can get up to 2000°F, but conditions but be perfect and there must be something to fuel a fire long enough for it to reach those kinds of temperatures. The melting point of steel is 2500°F. WTC7 wasn't hit by a plane yet it fell on that day in free fall.

If all the hijackers were Saudi Arabian, then why did we invade Afghanistan and Iraq?
How is it that the entire the entire US Airforce was doing a drill on 9/11?
Why hasn't the FBI released the video that shows exactly what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11?
Why are people who question the events of 9/11 demonized?
Why are the victim's families who want answers for what happened on 9/11 ignored?

There are just too many questions, too many contractictions, and not enough consistencies. And for those to still believe 9/11 wasn't an inside job; ignorance is bliss. Nobody wants to admit they were fooled OR that their trusted government and mainstream media would betray them and their freedoms, but it happens, history shows it as it happens again and again.
Reviewer: indio007 - favorite - July 10, 2013
Subject: Archive is incomplete.
CNN has/had video of WTC prior to 8:48.
A live shot of WTC was broadcast at 8:30
Where is the rest.
Reviewer: skyballer455 - - May 14, 2013
Subject: How To Download Videos
You will need Firefox.

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Reviewer: odyssey973 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 24, 2013
Subject: Terrible!
I remember this day like it was yesterday and I still find that there was something fishy going on. After researching everything from watching documentaries to reading many articles about that very day, I've come to the conclusion that it was a staged event. There are TOO many inconsistencies when it comes to the Official 9/11 story. There have been hundreds of credible scientist and engineers who have confirmed this. You can look up documentaries like "9/11 In Plane Site" to find out all the information you need. Don't speculate, do your own research so that YOU will understand and acknowledge the truth from the lie. For whoever reads this statement, I assure you that my facts are facts and are crucial evidence for not only the American people to see, but for the world as well.
Reviewer: jambob35 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 6, 2012
Subject: Fake
its all fake
Reviewer: notverycrucial - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 14, 2010
Subject: Embarrassing performance from WABC (CNN)
Congrats to CNN for being first to break the news that day, however, CNN's coverage of the second plane hitting -- which is the one everyone remembers as the defining moment -- was a complete disaster because they dipped into affiliate WABC's coverage which was simply terrible top to bottom.

Amazingly, WABC actually had the live footage of the 2nd aircraft and exploding, yet it took them a full FOUR MINUTES to confirm that a 2nd plane hit the tower even though WABC had actually showed it LIVE as it happened. Most networks were initially confused but confirmed a 2nd plane anywhere from 5-30 seconds. WABC took FOUR MINUTES to figure it out.

Then, after taking FOUR MINUTES to confirm something that they just showed LIVE on their own air, the WABC anchor starts speculating about how it appears there is a serious "navigational error" occurring that caused two planes to crash into the World Trade Center. Ummm, yeah, both pilots had some navigational errors which included them going completely blind. Sorry, but that was cringe worthy to watch. Even my DOG knew it was a terrorist attack one millisecond after the 2nd plane hit, yet at 9:07 (FIVE MINUTES LATER!!) WABC still can't figure out what's happening.

Okay, so local news sucks, fine. But CNN actually chose to stay with WABC for the entire awful performance. I can't imagine how embarrassed CNN must have felt knowing that they handed over the most pivotal five minutes in television news history to some clueless local affiliate.
Reviewer: ryans92 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 2, 2010
Subject: Good broadcast!
CNN didn't have the best broadcast of the day's events (I have to give that honor to ABC)but I have to commend them on their speed. They were the first national news channel to report the disaster and whenever something happened such as a plane crash or a tower collapsing, they immediately stopped what they were doing and covered it. They didn't care if they interrupted someone. It was more important to report the facts. They didn't screw around. I have to commend them for that.
Reviewer: Kevin L. Montgomery - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 23, 2010
Subject: 9/11: The Modern "Day Of Infamy"
I was 18 years old when the terrorist attacks happened. I remembered staying up all night watching news coverage, afraid of falling asleep. It's been nearly nine years, but I still have not forgotten. I wanted to download some of these clips to add to my laptop's video collection and found a media player that can do it. Go to and download RealPlayer SP. This media player can download any video on the Internet and save as an .mp4 file which can be played back on most other media players. You can also convert the downloaded videos to other formats and play them back on your iPod, PSP, smart phone or other portable devices.
Reviewer: socarraki97 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 22, 2010
Subject: A mistake CNN should not have made after all
I wish CNN would stay in their own coverage when the second plane crash took place and stay away from WABC, WNYW, and many other affiliates.
If CNN stayed away from WABC, the wide shot facing south would definitely be a better CNN live shot for the second crash.
Why not Carol Lin just recap just like what Matt Lauer on NBC news said at 9:00 rather than joining in WABC. What Matt said to recap was definitive for me. I think what CNN did, switching to WABC, causes so much speculation. I hope the mistake will haunt CNN forever and the mistake would not have happen had CNN stay in their own coverage and hold the perfect wide camera shot for another 80 seconds (13:47 to 15:07) and so on.
Reviewer: Freebmovies - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 23, 2009
What You Are Doing is disrespectful to the 2,000+ people who died that day...GET A FRICKING LIFE YOU LOSERS!...and by the way this is good coverage, and if you were thinking of downloading this i suggest that you open "View Source" and then press CTRL and F and search for ".MP4"
Reviewer: bravo24nyc - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 12, 2009
Subject: people are dumb
listen i was in the lobby of one world trade, and i lost alot of good friends, the news reports are not fake, i can tell you people were not there becuase if you were you would not say what you do, i saw the second plane go right into the second tower and felt the blast of the frist one and saw the people hitting the ground, i think we all want to belive something was not right but the fact of the matter is it happened, if you were there to hear those buildings falling you would know there is no cover ups
Reviewer: angelwolf65 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 3, 2009
Subject: 9/11
i just watched the coverage. This was my oldest daughters first day of kindergarten here in Canada. As I watched this video, the tears welled up in my eyes.... so sad.
Reviewer: Conspiranuts get a life - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 1, 2008
Subject: unbelievable!!!
The ones who actually believe that U11 and U175 did not hit the towers when you had over 7 years to research and investigate, go and buy "The Sun" or the "Inquirer" or similar and just stay home and read those fake fantasy stories. Those magazines are filled with bull just like what you believe like "Giant beetle invades Michigan town and had baby lizards growing out of its stomach." Or baby kitten gives birth to a foriegn car on the east side of Kansas." Or wahatever the bull story is. Did you speak to the air traffic controllers, family members who had REAL phone calls come down from REAL family that "EYE-WIYNESSED" Iranian or similar looking men with knives ect. ect. I know the rest of the true story. You don't. I advise you to look it up. OH, did you speak directly with coroner Wallace Miller?? No you didn't. All bodies Identified through DNA from U93 in Stoystown Pa where U93 crashed. I also know other eye-witnesses from that area also. The family members will tell you as well. See, you brainless conspiraloons get your fake information from other fake conspiranut sites, and build your little fantasy world. Get a life and stop inputting fake information to innocent poeple for them to read and get sucked up with and worry about. Just a little advise to Ikky..... a few posts below, Debate with me!, Iive cured thousands from getting sucked up with bull information. Just try me!
Reviewer: SnoddyUK - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 10, 2008
Subject: Who Cares About Quality?
When all we really should care about is the people who were suffering from this act of terrorism! People going on about how crap the coverage was! not their fault the events were so dramatic, im sure the reporters job should have been the last thing on your minds! People are dying and all some people care about is that they didnt see the plane plunge into the towers! Sick is all i have to say, dont u think just seeing the smoke and flames coming out of the towers is enough to give u nightmares? let alone the people in the hijacked plane, i think u should think before u speak to be honest. I am doing my English Language A Level coursework based on the language used by american newscasters and british newscasters, this is why i am commenting to say, its not about how they presented it, its about those poor people who lost their lives that day, and that is all that should be remembered, not the performance of news crews, sickening sights is enough to send people into a dark abyss!
Reviewer: mirandapriestly - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 12, 2008
Subject: News is propaganda
If you look at who owns the major news sources, it is really just a few corporations, which are also defense contractors (ie: G.E.). They profitted wildly from 9-11. Look at the CEO's of CNN, MSNBC, etc...and you will see they are former Pentagon, CIA, etc...The anchors were watching 9-11's events on a tv, not live, just saying what they were told to. A plane would hit the side of the tower then fall down, not sail right through it. Many witnesses who saw planes were related to media people (it has been researched) and staged, many who saw it were shocked to hear there was a plane.
Reviewer: wennykelly1 - - August 7, 2008
Subject: my opinion
i don't think the news media knew anything before hand. maybe "they" took over the broadcasts, then the media were told not to say anyting via those little headphones.
what i see is just like when a sportscaster is calling a game from a tv studio and not from the live event itself. the media were watching the tv just like you and me, however they could be under the gun. where now are all the witnesses that were on the ground? no one ever looks for them?
Reviewer: pigeonshouse - - July 27, 2008
Subject: CNN Not using own cameras based at the NYSE
At the beginning of the clip, you see a short report about Nokia, then a live shot of the presenter Wall Street, this all happenes around 8.40 to 8.45. Then there's an ad break which is cut short.

I've never worked out why CNN didn't decide it could use any cameras based in NYSE and take them outside to record things first hand. Wall St is less than half a mile away from the corner of Church and Vesey St's.

Only conclusion I can come to is perhaps they didn't have anything portable enough, but it would have provided yet a different live view other than the other live ones that all seemed to be based over a mile away whilst the events unfold.
Reviewer: izzysykopth - favorite - July 22, 2008
Subject: Hoax
I urge all to re-unite with your common sense when you review this vid. A)Did you hear a plane or the "on hand" eyewitness say anything about a plane? I didnt either. B)Do you see the outline of the buildings in the foreground and how the cnn banner is concealing the base of the foreground overlay and the fact that there is no 3D perspective? I did too. C) Do you really think that the media could pull off such a scam w/out the knowledge or direction of the federal govt? I dont either. D) Do you think that they are done yet? Neither do I E) Why is everyone so enchanted with the idea that terrorists could even dream of pulling off something like this? Research all the news archives and then see September Clues. You will be in for a shock if you think 19 Arabs with boxcutters are the sole pepreTRAITORS behind 911!!These clips are not even good fakes and Im no video expert. Wake up America or you ARE the next victims!!!Hoaxters Ha!!Look late into the broadcast and see how the background is moving across the screen!!!If you still beleive this bull%$#@ you deserve what FEMA is preparing for you!!!As usual there are those that accuse disbeleivers of needing a life,"twoofer",back it up with evidence etc to them I say open your %$#@ing eyes!! The evidence is so painfully obvious in these clips anyone advocating the official version of events should be tried as an accessory after the fact!!I challenge anyone to debate the 911 attacks with me. I have debated hundreds and not lost yet!Find me on YT same username.
Reviewer: bkj4444 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 20, 2008
Subject: Not a CNN anchor
Re "the commentator speculating about a navigation system error"

The "commentator" was not a CNN anchor. He was a WABC anchor named Steve Bartelstein. At that point, CNN had switched to local New York live coverage by WABC (which is not an unusual thing for networks to do sometimes during the first hour of coverage). So it was Bartelstein of WABC making that particular comment and not a CNN anchor.
Reviewer: M1A1TankLT - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 14, 2008
Subject: Hoaxters
Good stuff here. You hoaxters yap on about fake video footage. You forget that the there are thousands of people who were on the GROUND that day watched it happen. Just because YOU can't find any eye witnesses doesn't make it a hoax. The sheer number of people who would have to be in on a hoax would have to be in the hundreds. And when has the news media ever in the history of the world, been able to keep a secret? TIme to quit living in your mother's basement and get on with life.
Reviewer: markymark222 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 3, 2008
i think CNN did the best job covering the events of 9/11. everone at CNN knew it was a global event. they had reporters all over the world incase someting happend in there location. i think cable speking CNN had the best anchor Aaron Brown. he reported that day very neatly the events. at the world trade center,the pentagon and at the flight 93 crash site. as one CNN reporter said about three months after 9/11. we where not JUST covering a story. WE WERE MAKING HISTORY.
Reviewer: magiclava - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 8, 2008
Subject: Sheesh!
I know its not their fault and hindsight is 20/20, but CNN's eyewitnesses where pretty useless! Explosion from within the tower is forgivable, but "2nd plane was a prop" was completely wrong. Plus why the hell was the commentator speculating about a navigation system error when everyone else in the world immediately though terrorists!?
Reviewer: Nichon - - May 7, 2008
Subject: Historical footage
I watched this unfold on TV at my high school during my 2nd period history class. Instead of learning about 16th century history my teacher turned on the TV so we could watch history in the making.
To the commenters above.
There is overwhelming documentary, eyewitness, and first hand evidence to this day at the time of this writing that this attack was not pulled off by some shadow government. Further to claim that the attack didnt happen is on par with holocaust denial and the denial of the moon landings.

I highly suggest a trip to New York City (2008) the site is still under construction. Or if you are skeptical of the 911 report you can consult one of the living and many civil engineers that studied the report.
The US National Institute of Standards and Technology will be more than happy to provide you in depth documentation of the collapse of the towers.
Lastly to the nature of these comments, the internet provides a wonderful opportunity to see the past like you were there. But it also provides a sounding board for every racist nutjob on the planet to spew information that is incredibly false.
If you want to propose your own theory of what happened that day, back it up with evidence.
Reviewer: seekeroftruth911 - - March 23, 2008
Subject: completely fake
the whole 911 is a scam, the tehnology of video today, and cnn on this day looks more like monchrome than color, obviously a blue screen used for the background, the smoke coming from the towers is choppy looks like a slow motion capture. only 1 live on the scene interview, doubt that is real, and then a funny thing they mention in the studio that the plane struck about the 80th floor and the witness right away says the plane struck from about the 80th, boy she has a good sense of distance from way down there. and then thereafter only phone interviews, the discrepancies go on and on, obvious a inside job, media included.. see september lies, octopus, and loose change for the true story
Reviewer: Zhagarim - - February 24, 2008
Subject: unprecedented
I find it odd that with all the stationary cameras these news affiliates have that they could not have captured both strikes.There is a lot of technology involved in these news broadcasts and it's impossible to believe that this is the best that they have to offer.
Reviewer: NAU99 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 6, 2008
Subject: Excellent TV Coverage
Within three minutes of the initial crash into WTC 1, CNN was on the air. Within 2-3 more minutes, CNN was interviewing reliable witnesses to the events in lower Manhattan on the air.

The only disagreement I have with CNN in their initial coverage is when they briefly switched over to local affiliate coverage a few moments before the second plane hit. Obviously CNN didn't know the second plane was coming, however once it did hit CNN should have switched back to their own crews for reporting. Instead, several minutes lapsed before CNN brought its coverage back from the affiliate.

I enjoy the individuals that continue to manufacture various conspiracy theories. While I think each may have serious mental defects, I respect their ability to use their 1st Amendment right with respect to Freedom of Speech. While their concepts may be paranoid delusions, horrible attempts at humor, or any other variety of nonsense, they are still protected under the 1st Amendment. In the meantime those of us interested in the actual events of that fateful day will keep comments of a rational nature.
Reviewer: v4vendetta7 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 26, 2007
Subject: incredible tv fakery!
This was clearly a tv fake! Even the eyewitness said some people thought they saw a missile hit those towers..
No planes hit those towers to be sure.
The satanic cult in government that did this have installed psy-ops in the media as they are complicit in this cover-up!
Reviewer: eliiiiiiiii - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 5, 2007
Subject: question:
how do i download this video? i need it for my class..
Reviewer: weirdal - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 16, 2007
Subject: great!
this is the best quality footage of CNN's coverage I've found online. Highly recommend this as it is completely uncut and included the first reports.
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